Supercolony is a venture studiо.

We create, fund and build Polkadot and cross-chain companies.

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Why Supercolony?

We build, fund, and support Polkadot and cross-chain companies that share our mission.

Our goal is ecosystem creation, taking leadership in moving the market forward, creating the vector of ecosystem development, and making the entrance points for businesses more accessible.

We are helping not only with company building. If there is no needed infrastructure to implement the idea, we create it. We change the ecosystem and market, and make the way for our portfolio companies. And becoming pioneers who will create the way other companies follow.



We started a venture studio to empower entrepreneurs and accelerate growth within the Polkadot ecosystem. The venture studio enables entrepreneurs to efficiently convert their ideas into companies through operational support, company building, product design, and funding.

As a founding partner, we start working on a project from the idea stage. Then we go through product development, startup building, and finally, the launch. Our support helps reduce operational risks, provides access to financing faster, and iterates product development at a higher pace.

Our Expertise

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    Product development and technology design

    We guide the product technology design process, advise with a roadmap and help with its execution.

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    Financial engineering and economic advisory

    We help and advise on the financial and market launch strategy to mitigate economics risks and maximize strategy understanding.

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    We provide the initial capital to launch the business and support by making introductions to top VCs in our network.

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    Business development

    We ensure smooth business integration into the Polkadot network by connecting you to every key player in the ecosystem.

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    We understand the importance of having the right people in your team. Being aligned with world-class engineers and entrepreneurs in our community, we will help you get the right people in your team.

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    Marketing & PR

    We create and implement long-term marketing and communication strategy, form marketing unit according to company’s goals. Manage communication with key stakeholders, including investors, founders of breakthrough projects and W3 community. We are also responsible for the product line, pricing and choosing the relevant sales channels. Marketing unit gives support via our communication channels and ensure transferring our connections with opinion leaders, news channels and crypto portals to our portfolio companies.

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Pioneering Polkadot WASM - a new way to write Smart Contracts


Smart contracts library,
similar to Openzeppelin

ERC20 standard on Polkadot WASM


Smart contracts library,
similar to Openzeppelin


ERC20 standard on Polkadot WASM


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For Investors

If you are a Venture Capital or Private Investor searching for breakthrough and game-changing Web3 startups to invest in new technologies, world-changing projects, and progressive teams, fill in the form to get documents and information about our portfolio companies.

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